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How it Started

My Story

Hi, I’m Danyele E. Thomas, the artist behind Misty Jane Jewelry.

I started designing jewelry in 2012 after admiring a necklace worn by a fellow costume designer while working on a theater production. I was in awe of the piece and wanted to see more and buy a necklace for myself. When I asked what it was she said it was crocheted wire. The idea to try it immediately popped into my mind.

What’s in a name? I wanted to honor my mother by naming my line after her. My mother embodies creativity. From infancy she ingrained high levels and values of creativity and artistry into her children. Whether it was sewing, crafts or art classes at the kitchen table, my mother became my inspired muse. 

Day to day I see beauty in so many things. Working in costuming, I’m surrounded with a lifetime of inspiration for artistic creativity.

In the fabrics textures, colors, beads, trims or findings, there is an emotional connection for me to transcend the beauty that I see through my jewelry. 

Every hand made piece is unique and is something to be embraced and celebrated.

The combination of colorful wires, shapes, beads, and stones strive for balance. 

Misty Jane Jewelry is for the Ethereal Goddess who wears their individuality as a crown. This effortless beauty carries themselves with grace. When they shop they look for original, unique, timeless pieces. Pieces that mirror them. Happy when their life is in balance, whether it's a play date with the kiddos, running to the farmers market to get their favorite green drink or kombucha after that intense pilates class. A much needed catch up lunch with the their closest friends or a date night with the significant other. Misty Jane Jewelry will match all of their modes, moods and events.

Celebrate and decorate yourself with Misty Jane Jewelry

Love Danyele


Love, love, love all of my exquisite Misty Jane Jewelry! I get more compliments on my earrings than almost anything else I own. They're delicate, lightweight and so stunning that I've had to buy them for all of my friends. And I especially love the variety of colors and how great they look with my short hair. 

S. Staler

OMG!!! Misty Jane Jewelry is absolutely beautiful and the quality is amazing. I own about 10 pieces of her jewelry and I'm always waiting to see what's next. Thank you so much for sharing your passion, it shows in your jewelry. 

K. Riggs

Misty Jane Jewelery is the most intricate peices of jewelery that I own! The style is one of a kind. The beads and crystals give it an extra special touch. And the colors that Danyele uses in some of her peices make every piece unlike any you have ever seen. Definitely breath taking jewelry! I'm in love with every single earring I own from Misty Jane Jewelry.

D. Rivera